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Fake Film Quotes

Twitter Babies

“Awwww. Spencer Jr. just tweeted me that his diaper needs to be changed. Well got damn, I love my twitter baby.” Twitter Babies (2012)

Grandma Mildred Pt. 2: Double Coupon Day!

“Of course you voted to rezone this area to let a Hooters in. Everyone knows you’re in the pocket of Big Titties.” Grandma Mildred Pt. 2: Double Coupon Day! (2008)

The Judd Hirsch Story

“Well, my friends, it appears that things have taken a turn for the Hirsch. The…Judd Hirsch.” Step Inside This Sweater: The Judd Hirsch Story (1989)

Christian Single

“Hey man, I’m a Christian single. Let me Christian mingle.” Bible Booty 3: Hellzapoppin’ (2002)

Invisible Wind Tapestries

“If you perform cunnilingus anything like the way you play the pan flute, well then buster. I am in for one helluva ride.” Invisible Wind Tapestries: The Zamfir Story (1989)

The Illuminati Frat Boys

“It was a wild, 3-day marathon of vomiting, drooling and strategizing for their secret plan to establish a one world government with a demonic-based monetary system and to eventually orchestrate complete and total global enslavement. Ya know. Illuminati Frat Boy stuff.” The Illuminati Frat Boys (1999)

“Look out! He’s busted out of his cage and is comin’ right for us!” I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: In 3D (2014)

“Well, what started out as a shiraz, appears to have turned into…A charade!!!” Wine Detectives (1997)

What’s Your Problem Buddy

“Hey, what’s your problem buddy.”

"I dunno. Too many onions, I guess." Too Many Onions (1989)

Tube Steak 101

“How the hell could you mess up something so simple?! C’mon man, this is Tube Steak 101!!!” Hold The Bologna: The Oscar Mayer Story (1975)

A Never-Ending And Total War

"I hereby declare a never-ending and total war upon the following snack food: Cheez-Its!!" Food Truck: The Movie (2005)

Gentlemen, Start Your Electric Dildos!

"Gentlemen, start your electric dildos!" from Good Vibrations:  The Vincent T. O’Malley Story (1994)

The Saddest Song Of All

"Some say the saddest song of all is the one that remains unsung.”

"Not true. The saddest song of all is that time I sang Total Eclipse of the Heart all by myself while crying in the shower last Christmas Eve." from Spaghetti and The Single Man (2003)

Crystal Meth Got Us Into This Problem

"Look man, crystal meth got us into this problem and crystal meth is gonna get us out of it too." 8 Days A’Tweek (2006)

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